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Biographical Information


Of European descent, I spent the majority of my childhood on the East Coast. My decision to pursue post-secondary undergraduate and later, graduate education, has endowed me with the opportunity to leave the East Coast and in doing so, to experience a multitude of regions throughout the United States. As a result, at this stage in my life, I consider myself relatively well-traveled on a domestic level. Having spent my early twenties after finishing college working in the mental health sector, I have come to realize that I genuinely appreciate people for who they are and that I expect the world to espouse a similar ideology (however idealistic that may be). Specifically, with regards to my personal philosophy and moral code with respect to interacting with others, I am very much so a proponent of the Golden Rule, regardless of its specific religious framework, and despite my own personal alignment with agnosticism. In my life's journey, I have found that forming interpersonal connections, experiencing new places by way of travel, and life-time learning (whether it be of the book or of the life-experience variety) make my life all the more worthwhile. Also, a touch of temperament that isn't so temperate has made my life an exciting one. These aforementioned experiences and the ensuing introspections have led me to realize that I prefer a much less conventional lifestyle but one that does indeed highly value the companionship of a select few. That is why I have become a professional personal companion awaiting to meet you.



Q & A


What are three words that you think would accurately describe you with regards to personal companionship?


Despite my very straight-forward style of writing, I am actually much less low-context in person. In three words, I consider myself intriguing, stimulating, and warm. In these three characteristics, I feel that I espouse just the right mix of introvert and extrovert. As part introvert, I possess a proclivity towards reading a vast amount to remain informed about a myriad of subjects; a keen appreciation for a variety of art forms whether it be literary, aesthetic, or musical; a preference to listen over speaking in social interactions exceeding a duo; and, an uncanny ability to empathize and give accordingly. As part extrovert, I possess the right amount of social suave to navigate the social floor in a variety of social situations. I love doing things as much as I love imagining doing them. When appropriate, I am also very assertive. A more concise answer to the question I pose above might be reflected in the Myer Briggs, which actually (as I assume is also the case with most others) varies from day to day depending on my personal circumstances and/or mood.


What sort of individual do you invite to seek out your companionship?


Generally speaking, I welcome inquiries from discerning professionals (e. g. entrepreneurial; health care sector, dental, medical, or other; creative; etc) who seek the company of an escort or a concierge to help alleviate the stress of their everyday professional and/or personal lives. I welcome inquiries from professionals in town on a business trip or a convention who yearn for company and romance on their trip away from home, as much as I welcome inquiries from local professionals well established in this community who seek sensuality and intimacy missing from their everyday lives. Overall, I am most concerned with the personal caliber of the individual seeking my company and less so, with what I consider the more superficial aspects (e. g. smoking). Most importantly, I seek a companion eager to please as much as I am.


Why is your face blurred out in your photos?


This site is designed to attract patrons that value discretion. So in blurring my face, I act accordingly. 


What do you like to do in your spare time?


A variety of things. Generally speaking, I like to experience both vicariously and first-hand. I appreciate my existence as a sentient being. I appreciate Earth's topography, or at least from what I have seen of it, especially in the Southwest regions of the United States. More specifically, I have been known to enjoy a variety of outside, physical activities (e. g. hikes, white water rafting, canoeing) with scenic backdrops. I habitually relish in the aesthetics found in natural landscape. I also enjoy being amidst interesting architecture, such as what is found in the American Southwest (e. g. Spanish Colonial, earth ships,etc.) or preservation efforts of historic buildings in some of America's major cities. I also enjoy music of most variety very much and as of late, I have been listening to a lot of music with traditional folk instruments and acoustics (e. g. Spanish pop and Russian ballads). I also enjoy being studious by attending professional/academic conferences; reading; watching documentaries, the news, or political satires; and, writing fiction and poetry when so inspired.


What kind of things are you willing (or consider yourself able) to talk about?


I consider myself able to hold my own in a variety of subjects. However, I would much rather listen than talk-to act as a confidant, if you will-during our time together.


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